Come to me Oil Recipe and Spell

6 drops rose oil

6 drops sandalwood

3 drops ylang ylang

3 drops ginger

2 drops patchouli

1/8 c. carrier oil (I use olive oil)


colored candle corresponding with what you want to bring into your life

candle holder

bowl of water


Put a bowl of water on your altar

add the oil to the bowl of water

light candle holding with hands

tell the bowl what you want while gazing into the water/oil mixture

once finished say this or something similar:

Great Spirit all within

Bring your shining stars to flame

Ignite the fires of the flesh

So that all desires unite

Spirits of the Cosmos and all within

Find favor in this Spell

Draw close to this place let loose your powers and unleash your will

That all may be satisfied in your grace.

After speaking put out the candle

set in holder and allow to cool until wax hardens

Repeat the whole process without the candle lit

replace candle in holder

light the candle again


allow candle to burn until wax around the wick is melted across the top

extinguish candle

Spell is done

Bury candle near your front door

DragonHeart 😀


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